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Refunds and Returns

To receive an items refund you must comply to the restrictions listed below

  • You must ship the part within 7 days of its delivery date
  • You must send the tracking information and order number to
  • The item must be in new condition on arrival
  • The item must have had ZERO use

Please send items to the shipping address listed below

Shipping Address

Microcanner, LLC - 70 N Main - Cedar Springs, MI 49319

Hours of operation

Monday-Thursday: 7AM-4:30PM (EST)

Friday: 7AM-Noon (EST)

Pickup service only available during these hours

Need something custom?

Phone: (616)-745-6623


Email Support

Email us at for machine support or questions about parts or machines

Sales Tax Exemption Form

Please fill out the attached tax exemption form. If your state does not allow tax exemption, you will need to file your own taxes with your state.